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The world of estate planning, probate and estate litigation is not easy to navigate.  There are often many questions without easy answers. 

At James Law Group, we understand that talking about estate issues is hard.  Planning during your life means facing your mortality.  Dealing with estate matters after a loved one has died can be painful, stressful and confusing. Our compassionate and experienced attorneys are here to assist with all of your estate needs. We will walk you through the complicated process of planning before death and assist your family through the difficult time after a loved one dies.

While estate-related conversations can be uncomfortable it is important that the issues surrounding your assets and how they pass upon your death be discussed. This will help make necessary transitions smoother after you are gone and help keep your family from fracture.

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The experienced attorneys at James Law Group are here to assist with all of your Estate Planning & Probate Law needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

We understand that no one wants to think about death. We are here to make the topic easier and work with you as a knowledgeable and caring partner. James Law Group is a full service estate law firm. Our goal is to simplify estate matters and provide peace of mind, preserving wealth and family.

Practicing in the areas of estate planning, probate, estate litigation and trust administration for over a decade, proprietor Christine James of James Law Group has seen how improper planning can affect the families left behind after a loved one dies. Most estate planning attorneys only draw up wills and trusts. They do not do litigation and many do not do probate. This means they do not see the results of their planning and how things can and do go wrong.

Having been involved in a number of estate litigation cases, Christine knows how to plan an estate to help reduce the risk of issues arising after someone dies. Author of Five Steps to a Litigation-Free Trust, Christine has used what she has learned from the wills and trusts that end up in litigation to educate people on what they can do to avoid litigation and ensure a smooth transition of their estate.

Creator of Estate Protection Plus, Christine gives her clients extra piece of mind and an additional layer of protection to help reduce the financial cost and human toll on the family should issues arise after a death.

Christine James graduated from Pepperdine Law in 1999 and is a California licensed estate attorney practicing in Placer, Nevada and Orange Counties. Christine’s practice focuses on estate planning, probate, estate litigation and trust administration.

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